Monday, September 13, 2010

Vege-filled omelet/nori rolls and falafel with basil

Vege filled omelet/nori rolls. These turned out to make a very colourful bento! They are easy to make as well. You make a 2-egg omelet, being careful not to break it. Transfer it to a plate and top with nori. I used a seasoned kind of nori that comes in one-portion little packets. Place thickly cut sticks of carrot and celery and some snowpea shoots in the centre of the omelet and roll tightly.  Trim the ends and cut the omelet roll into pieces. That's it, easy! You can have it with a dipping sauce of your liking, or it is tasty just as it is. Other veges can of course be used for the filling. The other dish contains falafel with basil, using ready-made mix they take only a few minutes to cook when making your bento in the morning. Happy bento making!

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