Saturday, September 11, 2010

"Let little seem like much, as long as it is fresh and beautiful" (Japanese ryori)

Teriyaki sesame chicken with organic soba noodles. I made this especially for my bento and couldn't wait to eat it. These noodles are supposed to be very good for you - high in protein and low in fat, (unlike instant noodles, or ramen as I think you call it in the U.S.). Soba noodles are made with a combination of buckwheat flour and wheat flour - the buckwheat is what gives it the extra nutrition. I used these Japanese organic soba noodles, they have an interesting website about some of the history behind these noodles and the Japanese diet and way of life. (click on Lifestyle in the menu on the left).

As the Japanese ryori says "Let little seem like much, as long as it is fresh and beautiful". I think this very much applies to bento making as well!

Steamed salmon and red potatoes were combined to make salmon patties, adding some miso paste, garlic and ginger for flavour. I tried my hand at making an avocado fan, it doesn't look as perfect as some that I've seen (maybe it was too ripe), but I love avocados. It's a taste that's really grown on me.

Baby girl is still too young for bentos, but I gave her some cooked potato slices and broccoli spears to chew, or gum on, as she still only has 2 teeth. The avocado was a bit too slippery for her to manage on her own. She's only just turned 8 months, but I think she's doing well in her eating adventures so far.


  1. Lovely post! And I must say, this ryori quotation is such an elegant and perfectly Virgoean sentiment, I wish I had come across it for my last blog post!

    Your meal looks nourishing and delicious (I do love soba!) and special in the vermillion red box!

  2. Thanks bento bird. Yes I like the ryori so much I have added it to my header, it applies to bento so very much and I agree it's a perfectly Virgoean sentiment.