Friday, September 24, 2010

Earth gems and appelmoes

Summer fruit and earth gems bento
  These tiny potato-like nuggets are marketed here as "Earth gems" or jewels of the Inca's. As soon as I saw them I thought: bento! They have a taste and texture much like new potatoes, but more earthy. Very nice dipped in appelmoes, or apple puree. Also in this bento is a sliced nectarine and plum, fresh avocado, vine-ripened tomato and cuke.

Earth gems bento (#2)

Second bento featuring the earth gems. Not the best photography I know, but there was no natural light left at that time of day. Included is a simple 1 egg tamagoyaki (or my attempt at one).


  1. a lovely composition! I will keep an eye out for the charmingly named earth you, I am thrilled when I find a new, small cute veggie or fruit for bento!!

  2. Thanks Bentobird for your lovely comments. I appreciate it. :)